Open PGP SmartCard V3.4

The OpenPGP card is an ISO-/IEC 7816-4, -8 compliant Smart Card for secure storage of private GPG-keys. The offered card is blank / white

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The OpenPGP Card is a smart card (standard size; ISO 7816-4,-8 compatible). Features of this card are:
- 3 independent RSA keys 2048 or 4096bit (signing,encryption,authentication).
- Elliptic Curves ECDSA/DH Support (gerneration, import, sign)
- Key generation on card or import of existing keys.
- Signature counter.
- Data object to store an URL to access the full OpenPGP public key.
- Data objects for card holder name etc.
- Data objects for key-information and algorithm-information
- Data object for login specific data.
- Length of PIN between 6 and 254 characters; not restricted to numbers.
- T=1 protocol; compatible with most readers.
- Specification freely available and usable without any constraints.
- Reasonably priced.
Standard PIN: 123456
Standard Admin PIN: 12345678